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How Bad Driving Habits Can Impact Your Vehicle

How Bad Driving Habits Can Impact Your Vehicle

Your car's condition is a direct reflection of your driving habits. The better your car's condition, the better your driving habits, and vice-versa. Little things here and there may seem harmless, but their effect over time will affect the vehicle's condition. Many bad driving habits could be damaging your vehicle, including: Hard Starts and Stops Speeding off after the traffic turns green may be fun, but it is a habit that will hurt your car. The blast of speed programs your vehicle at higher fuel consumption rates and will reduce the car's gas mileage over time. On other hand, coming to a sudden stop to test your braking horsepower or to avoid accidents is occasionally necessary. However, too much of it will significantly stress the braking system. It will soon become inefficient, making braking consistency suffers. Racing Over Speed Bumps and Potholes Speed bumps are meant to encourage slower driving, and you should comply. Many people speed over bumps which ar ... read more

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