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Monthly Archives: January 2020

What Can Drain a Car Battery?

Getting into your vehicle in the morning on your way to work only to find that your car won't start can be stressful. You hear the click of the ignition but nothing it your car battery? If so, why has it seemed to have completely drained overnight?  While the issue could be the battery itself, there are many connecting parts to the battery that can fail and cause your car not to start. The following reasons can be behind why your battery is suddenly drained:  You made a mistake, such as you left your headlights on over night or an interior light was left on. This can definitely drain a car battery if left on overnight.  The charging system can also be a culprit of a dead battery. A faulty alternator or other charging system component can prevent the proper charge from getting to the battery.  Electrical problems can also cause battery issues, such as a failing fuse or faulty wires.  Driving your vehicle for only short periods of time ... read more

What are the Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts?

Shocks and struts are key elements in the suspension system of your vehicle. The job of these components is to ensure that your ride is controlled and smoothed. They both help to absorb the shock of driving over uneven surfaces or debris, which enables you to properly steer and remain in control of your vehicle's direction.  Due to the job of these parts, they will wear down over time just with normal use of your vehicle. If you follow your vehicle's recommended services closely, you'll know when they need to be inspected and replaced. However, there are certain symptoms that can occur that can indicate it is time to have your shocks and struts replaced.  The signs of worn shocks and struts include:  Your car is veering or sliding and you find yourself having to correct your vehicle's direction often Uneven or excessive tire wear Car bounces up and down after driving over speed bumps or uneven roads Car nose dives or dips when braking Car vibrates ... read more

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