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How to Top Off Engine Oil

How to Top Off Engine Oil

The engine oil in your vehicle is extremely important to your vehicle's overall reliability and performance. Although you should never miss your oil changes, you can top off your engine oil in between oil changes if you find that your engine needs it.  Please note: adding oil to your vehicle does not take the place of your regular oil change service. Steps Before anything else, you will need to find a quality engine oil that suits your vehicle's needs. For additional guidance, you can look at your owner's manual for what type of oil your manufacturer recommends. Additionally, you'll also want to monitor your vehicle's oil level before proceeding. Please make sure your car is turned off and parked on even ground when checking your oil.  To top off the motor oil, follow these steps carefully:  After propping the hood open, please locate and remove the oil lid. The cap is usually marked with the word 'oil' or has the traditional oil symbol ... read more

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