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How to Detect Water Pump failure in Elk Grove

Your vehicle's water pump functions as the heart of the cooling system. It regulates the flow of coolant and circulates it throughout the cooling circuit. Water pumps are most commonly driven externally by a pulley/belt combination. If the water pump is damaged, the engine can eventually overheat. Water pumps are designed to last a fair amount of time, but it can break down as you add on miles with other vehicle parts. When it's time to replace the water pump, it will start to display some warning signs. Below are four signs that indicate water pump failure. 

There's a coolant leak.
The water pump has multiple gaskets and seals that hold the coolant and are consistently delivered to the engine. Over time these seals and gaskets can degrade and wear out. If these seals are dry up and crack, coolant can leak and puddle on the ground. Coolant is usually green or red and will typically be near the front of your engine. 

There's rust and deposit build-up.
Leaks can cause minerals and debris to build up over time gradually. While your vehicle is cold, pop the hood and check the coolant quality. If there's damage, there may be rust on the water pump's surface and pollutants in the reservoir. It may be tempting to top the coolant off when it's looking low and contaminated, but it's always best to have it inspected by an expert. Putting the wrong coolant inside the system can cause deposit build-up impacting its effectiveness. 

There's a high-pitched whining sound.
If you notice a whining sound from the engine's front, the belt may have become loose. The belt may be loose because the bearings have become worn or a pulley is loose. When the water pump is bad, the whining may become louder when you accelerate. Whining sounds means it's time to have your vehicle checked by a mechanic. 

The engine is overheating.
A water pump that has failed will not adequately circulate coolant throughout the engine block. If neglected, this can lead to additional engine damage such as burnt pistons, cracked cylinder heads, and blown head gaskets.  

Water pump repair and replacement in Elk Grove, CA  

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