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Is it Safe to Drive With a Tire Bulge?

Your tires are essential to your vehicle's operation, and so is their integrity. If your tires are leaking, flat, or bulging, you should repair or replace them. You will occasionally see a car with bulging tires, which is perilous. It is very unsafe to drive a car that has a tire with a bulge. A tire bulge is a sign of deterioration of the tire's inside, which means you should repair or replace the tire. The following are various causes of tire bulges and ways in which a bulging tire could affect your driving:

  • A bulging tire could be caused by poor road conditions, such as hitting a pothole or a curb. Since you cannot do much to improve the state of the road, check your tires often for bulges. Once you notice one, take it for repair as soon as possible.
  • Putting too much pressure on your tires by overloading the vehicle or underinflating the tire could lead to a tire bulge. The tires will not have enough support to handle the pressure they are experiencing, which will ruin the tires' condition. Driving with such a tire under such a heavy load makes it easy to lose control and may lead to an accident. You can reduce the load, inflate your tires or replace them.
  • Putting too much pressure on a tire can cause some air to escape the inner layers of the tire to the outer layers. Trapped air between the tires' layers can lead to a tire bulge. Such a bulge is dangerous because it can easily lead to a puncture and a loss of control when driving.

A tire bulge can cause too much strain on a tire's interior and cause its integrity to fail. A weak tire will be vulnerable to the most negligible impacts, which increase the chances of collisions. When you hit a curb, pothole, or rock, your tire could suddenly burst and cause an accident. If you have a tire bulge and need a tire repair or replacement, call the tire experts at Prestige Auto Works today.

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