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Is My Brake Fluid’s Condition Important to Brake Performance?

Your car's braking system enables you to slow down your driving and even come to a halt altogether. It features rotors, clippers, pistons, hoses, braking pads, and brake fluid, among other components.

Let's dive into one critical component of the braking system; the brake fluid. It's a special hydraulic fluid that rushes throughout the braking system to initiate the braking process.

Did you know that the brake fluid can get contaminated or worn out, compromising the braking performance? Read on to find out how the integrity of the brake fluid affects an automobile.

Is Brake Fluid Important?

The fluid has hydraulic properties that allow you to slow down and stop your car quickly, effortlessly, and safely. It also lubricates moving parts and prevents the corrosion of components.

Another function of the brake fluid is to remove moisture from the braking system. That helps prevent damage to the electronic components in the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS).

Over time, the braking fluid may deteriorate. Consequently, it may compromise the performance of your vehicle's braking system. Without proper braking, you might not slow down the car when needed.

Warning Signs of Contaminated Brake Fluid

Hygroscopic in nature, brake fluid usually absorbs moisture from the surrounding atmosphere via the different braking system components. Moisture accumulation can contaminate the brake fluid, which may later become vapor during hot braking cycles and negatively affect the car's braking ability.

Luckily, you can spot contaminated fluid by checking out these signs:

  • You begin braking earlier than usual

  • There's a need to apply excessive pressure on the brake pedal for a response

  • The brake pedal responds slowly

  • The dashboard brake warning light (ABS or Brake) is on

If you notice any of the above braking system problems, it might be time for a brake fluid flush.

A Brake Fluid Flush Defined

It refers to exchanging old, contaminated brake fluid for new, clean fluid. Here, a power flush machine removes the old fluid and replaces it with the new one.

A brake fluid flush is ideal during a braking system's preventative maintenance. It helps increase the braking power and protects the system components from corrosion.

Contact the Experts

Braking system maintenance or repair is something you can't afford to put off. It's crucial to get expert help whenever you feel something's wrong with your braking system. Bring your vehicle to Prestige Auto Works today for extensive service, from brake fluid flush to system repairs.

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