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Keeping Your Engine Cool: Summer Cooling System Maintenance

Keeping Your Engine Cool: Summer Cooling System Maintenance in Sacramento, CA | Prestige Auto Works

Summer's heat is extreme and may strain your vehicle's cooling system. You should maintain your cooling system regularly to prevent potential damage and overheating. The following tips will help keep your engine cool:

1. Check Coolant Levels

Start by checking the coolant levels in your radiator and reservoir tank. Low coolant levels can lead to inadequate heat transfer and an increased risk of overheating. If necessary, top up the coolant using the recommended type specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

2. Inspect Hoses and Belts

Inspect all hoses connected to the cooling system for signs of wear, leaks, or cracks caused by aging or extreme temperature fluctuations. Replace any damaged hoses promptly to avoid potential coolant leaks that could result in engine overheating.

Similarly, check the condition of belts that drive water pumps or fans within the cooling system. Worn-out or loose belts can cause insufficient water circulation or reduced fan speed leading to poor heat dissipation.

3. Clean Radiator Fins

Over time, dirt, debris, bugs, and other contaminants can accumulate on the radiator fins hindering airflow through them — resulting in inefficient cooling performance. Regularly clean these fins using compressed air or a soft brush to ensure optimal airflow through the radiator.

4. Test Radiator Cap Pressure

The radiator cap plays a critical role in maintaining proper pressure within the cooling system, which helps raise the boiling point — preventing coolant from evaporating too quickly during high temperatures. Have an auto technician test your radiator cap's pressure valve regularly (every two years) as part of preventive maintenance.

5. Flush the Cooling System

Over time, rust particles and sediment can build up within your vehicle's cooling system, causing blockages that hinder efficient heat transfer from engine components to coolant — increasing risks of overheating. Regularly flushing the cooling system (as per manufacturer recommendations) helps remove these contaminants and ensures optimal performance.

For all your cooling system services, turn to the team at Prestige Auto Works in Sacramento, CA, for assistance!

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