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My High Beams Work, But My Low Beams Don’t

Headlights are essential, and without them, driving becomes increasingly dangerous. If your high beams are working, but the low beams aren't, several reasons can be the cause. While it's easy to assume this may be due to a bad bulb, if changing the bulb doesn't help, a deeper issue may be the culprit. Don't neglect this problem by choosing to drive in the daytime. Driving without headlights is not just hazardous; it's illegal. You may find yourself coming out of pocket for a fix-it ticket. Below are 3 of the most common issues that can illuminate the high beams while leaving the low beams inactive. 

The Relay is Damaged
In layman's terms, a vehicle's relay is a switch that operates electronically. If the relay has gone bad, it may be receiving the electricity but cannot complete the full circuit. This will require a new relay. Some vehicles have different relays for their high beams and low beam lights. If one relay goes bad, the other one may still work to power the light.

A Fuse is Blown
The moment you notice an electrical component not working, first check the associated fuse. Your vehicle's owner's manual will outline which fuse corresponds with each item. If a fuse is burned out, replacing it should fix the issue. Inspecting fuses can be intimidating; if you are concerned, bring your vehicle in to have one of our expert mechanics check the fuses for you. 

There's A Problem with The Wiring
The wiring within a vehicle is incredibly complex. Fuses can blow due to faulty wiring. While a blown fuse can happen in a one-time occurrence, it may indicate underlying wiring problems that will need to be addressed. Replacing the fuse will only be a temporary solution if the wiring is damaged. It's crucial to rely on your trusted automotive technician to have this issue adequately resolved to get you safely back on the road. 

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Your low beams are just as essential as the high beams. Without functioning low beams, there's an increased accident risk. Prestige Auto Works is the premium dealership alternative. We work on all vehicle makes and models while specializing in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and GM

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