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Signs It’s Time for A Brake Service in Elk Grove, CA

Your brakes are put to the test every time you drive your vehicle, so they must stay in top condition. A healthy brake system gives a type of peace of mind that most drivers take for granted during their routine commutes. Brake maintenance is essential because neglecting the brakes can impact your vehicle's response time. Failing brakes can be a matter of life and death. The brakes aren't designed to last forever; they have a natural life span that causes them to wear over time. Your brakes will alert you when they need to be serviced; you just need to be aware of the signs. To help you identify whether it's time to have your brakes serviced, below are three signs, it's time for professional maintenance. 

 Your car takes longer to stop. 

Brake fade is the technical term when your brakes start to wear over time, causing your vehicle to take more time to slow down. There are different types of brakes fade; the most common types are a friction fade and brake fluid fade. A friction fade can occur if a driver holds the brake while driving down a long hill. Holding the brake doesn't allow them to cool off, leading them to overheat. Brake fluid needs to be changed periodically since it degrades over time. Neglecting it can cause your brakes to struggle and wear prematurely. 

The brakes are squealing.

Your car's brake pads are designed to let you know when they need to be replaced. As the brake pads wear, they'll rub the rotors and cause a high-pitched squeal. The moment your brakes start to buzz, screech, or squeal, it's time for a brake service.  

The brake pedal is vibrating. 

 If you're pressing hard on the brakes when the brake pads are thin, you may notice a vibrating from the extreme metal to metal friction. If you ignore the vibrating, the rotors can become warped and damaged. The moment you feel any vibrating, have your brakes inspected.  

Brake Service and repair in Elk Grove and Sacramento, CA.  

 Prestige Auto Work's mission is to deliver excellent automotive service for all vehicle makes and models. If you notice any of the above symptoms, don't hesitate to seek expert automotive attention. The brake system controls your ability to slow or stop your vehicle, making their health a priority to maintain top performance. When the symptoms arise, don't wait to drop in for an inspection. We are currently offering a free brake inspection with one of our professional ASE Certified technicians, a premium service valued at over $30. 

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