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Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency in Elk Grove

If you’re a commuter, gas may be an expense you’d like to keep as affordable as possible. Gas prices are incredibly volatile, and changes occur almost in the blink of an eye. Even with the instability of gas prices, you can still do some things to increase fuel economy. Below are a few helpful tips to improve gas mileage and save money in Elk Grove:  

Remove the Extra Weight 
A car holding a heavy load or extra packed weight makes it challenging to get the required traction it needs from all four tires. If the tires can’t make efficient traction, fuel efficiency decreases. Excess weight doesn’t just affect traction; it also forces the engine to use more power to attain and sustain a certain speed. Removing any extra weight in your vehicle will create significant improvements in fuel economy.

Use the Correct Fuel
Most drivers assume that no matter what type of vehicle they’re driving, premium gas is the best gas to use. This is incorrect. Vehicle manufacturers perform several tests to recommend the best fuel for the best performance. Your car’s owner’s manual will tell you the exact fuel to use for optimal performance. If your car’s manual recommends using cheap petrol with a low octane level, using premium petrol won’t work any better. 

Replace Your Air Filter and Spark Plugs
If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your engine air filter or spark plugs, a decrease in fuel economy may occur. 

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated
Under-inflated tires will cause a significant drop in fuel economy. However, it’s not recommended to over inflate the tires. Your tires should be filled to the PSI levels listed on the side of the driver’s door. Filling the tires to adequate levels is only the first step; your tires should be checked and maintained regularly. 

Older Vehicles May Have a Worn Gas Cap
With time a vehicle’s gas cap may become worn. The rubber seal on the gas cap can break down, and if it isn’t replaced, it will cause air to enter inside the engine from the fuel tank and burn more fuel.  

 Minimize Air Conditioning Usage 
Any air conditioning usage can lower fuel economy; however, you can limit how much gas is burned by using it sporadically. If you’re in stop and go traffic, you should abandon the a/c for fresh air. If you’re on the highway driving over 60mph, the a/c will work more effectively and limit fuel usage.

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