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What Does the SRS or Airbag Light Mean?

When you own a car, it is important that you understand the various aspects of the vehicle, such as its dashboard warning lights. One that doesn’t get talked about enough is the airbag or SRS light. It can sometimes resemble a figure sitting down with an inflated airbag from the side. 

The S-R-S stands for supplemental restraint system, which is a fancy name for airbags and seatbelt restraints. The system itself is responsible for detecting heavy deceleration, braking, and other factors that occur upon the impact of a collision. It uses sensors to calculate the best time to restrain you and employ airbags (if necessary).

Many things can trigger the SRS warning light to come on. It may indicate one of the following problems:

  • Bad seatbelt switch
  • Broken passenger seat sensor 
  • Faulty clock spring
  • Deactivation or failure of airbags 

The light may also appear after airbags have been deployed following the events of an accident.

The airbag warning light may not seem like a major concern to you. However, it can be super dangerous in the event of a car accident. If your airbags aren’t properly deployed, it can put you and your passengers at risk of major injuries.

Now that we’ve gone over the worst-case scenario, the light can also come on with for a technical reason like a burnt fuse. Blown fuses can trigger incorrect errors, so you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of this as well.  

It can be difficult to diagnose the airbag light without the right tools or experience. Most vehicles today come with very sophisticated safety systems that require specialized training for proper repairs.
If you need help repairing an airbag/SRS light problem, please call or visit the local experts at Prestige Auto Works today! 

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