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What if My Vehicle Fails a Smog Inspection?

If your vehicle fails its required smog test, do not fret - Prestige Auto Works can help. As a Californian, you may know that our state is rather strict regarding vehicle emissions. As a result, California residents dread their smog inspection every other year. However, if you take your vehicle to a test and repair station, you already have an advantage in the case that your vehicle fails its test.


During the testing stage, your car's exhaust is checked out. The inspector examines some components, including the catalytic converter, evaporative emissions charcoal canister, fuel cap, oxygen sensor, EGR system, PCM, and purge control valve. If any of these components are hazarded, your vehicle will fail the smog check. 


There are many reasons why your vehicle can fail a smog inspection. Here are some of the most common issues we see at our shop when a doesn't pass the test:

  • Catalytic converter breakdown

  • Clogged/dirty air filter

  • Old, overworn spark plugs

  • Abnormal air/fuel mixture due to malfunctioning fuel injectors or an oxygen sensor

  • Failing evaporative emission control system that leaks vapors

  • A loose or leaking gas cap

  • Check engine light being on for no obvious reason


What to Do After Failure

You cannot simply ignore a failed smog test. The DMV will not register your vehicle if it fails to pass its emissions test. If your car fails its test at our shop, we will run a diagnostic report to figure out why it failed. The solution can be as simple as swapping out your old gas cap with a new one or as complex as repairing the catalytic converter. Regardless, you must have the repairs made so that your vehicle can pass the retest. Your other choice is to file for repeal or exemption from the test with the state. Even then, your vehicle will need to reach specific requirements to be exempt. 


All in all, it is best to have the repairs done to your vehicle to ensure a safe and smooth ride. So, if you need a smog check or repair, visit our shop in Sacramento, CA! Our trained team at Prestige Auto Works is pleased to assist you.


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