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What Is Differential Service?

There are many car components that need to be taken care of, and one part that often gets overlooked is the differential. The differential, both front and rear, is an integral part of your car's drivetrain that helps to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. Over time, the differential fluid can become contaminated or degraded, which can cause problems with your performance. To keep your car in good health, you must get regular differential service from your trusted auto repair shop.

What is Differential Service?

A differential service from Prestige Auto Works involves draining the old fluid from the differential, checking for metal shavings and inspecting the bearings, and then refilling it with the recommended fluid. By doing this, your mechanic can help ensure that your car's differential is running smoothly and help prevent future problems.

How Often Should You Get a Differential Service?

The recommended service interval for differential service varies from vehicle to vehicle, but it is generally recommended that you get a differential service every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. However, if you frequently drive in harsh conditions, such as off-road or towing heavy loads, you may need to get your differential serviced more regularly.

Signs You Need Differential Service

There are several signs that your car's differential may need service, including:

  • Whining or howling noise coming from the differential
  • Grinding or knocking sounds when turning corners
  • Vibration or shuddering while driving at high speeds
  • Reduced acceleration or power

Failing to get your differential serviced can lead to more significant problems down the road, including costly repairs. By getting your differential serviced at the recommended intervals, you can help ensure your car continues running smoothly year after year. 

So if you're due for a differential service or if you're experiencing any of the signs that your differential may need service, be sure to bring your car to the auto repair experts at Prestige Auto Works.

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