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What Is The New R1234yf Refrigerant For Car A/C Systems?

If you own a Cadillac XTS, Fiat 500, Ford Transit, Dodge Challenger, or RAM 1500, then you boast having the latest auto AC technology featuring the R-1234YF refrigerant. The air conditioning system is gaining traction among vehicle manufacturers, and a few years from now, all vehicles will have the new air conditioning technology.

What is R1234YF AC Refrigerant?

A distinct aspect of the R1234YF is that it is a synthetic hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerant with ultra-low global warming potential (GWP). It combines three elements: hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon, although the carbon atoms contain a double bond. That makes its composition quite unique, releasing negligible levels of greenhouse gases that destroy the ozone layer—its GWP rating is less than 1.

Auto AC refrigerant technologies have drastically evolved throughout the years. From the early 30s through to the 90s, vehicles featured R12 or Freon AC refrigerants. By the mid-90s, 134a refrigerants replaced the R12. It's now 30 years, and the R1234YF has proven to provide a solution to the environmental concerns regarding automotive AC systems.

The R12 refrigerants had higher gas carbon dioxide potency, with an atmospheric lifetime of 100 years. The introduction of the R134a refrigerant lowered the emission of harmful gases with its 1430 GWP rating. Vehicles featuring the advanced R1234YF technology have less than one GWP emission, making them environmentally friendly.

The Difference between R1234YF and R134a Refrigerants

The notable differences between the R1234YF and R134a are the size of service couplers and the hose connections. The former is accessed using couplers that are of a different size. The hose connecting the couplers comes with a left-handed thread that only functions with a matching pipe. That's the reason you require an R1234YF gauge set for smooth ac function.

Additionally, R1234YF is labeled as mildly flammable and classified in the A12 flammability level. Still, you need to exercise caution and use the right equipment when handling the refrigerant. The only common factor between the two refrigerants is that they come with electronic leak detectors, although they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In 2020, the US required all automakers to manufacture cars with R1234YF AC systems to prevent environmental pollution. Even so, the R134a refrigerants are still in use, and they'll exist for several years because older vehicles will still require repair works on their R134a refrigerants.

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